Guilhem Morera is the author of two books about the ancient card science : “The cartomancy of the ancient Magi or the little book of the 7 thunders” published in May 2012 by Editions Trajectoires and “The hidden meaning of the deck of 52 cards” written in collaboration with Howard Crowhurst and published in 2016 at Éditions Epistemea.

After a degree in philosophy and a career as an artist in France, with the theater company “Téâtre Demosdesastr”, Guilhem moved to Los Angeles in 2000 to study  the contemporary form of ancestral shamanic practices whose origin goes back to ancient Mexico.

He was trained for 13 years by the apprentices of Carlos Castaneda and guided workshops alongside the teaching team of Cleargreen Inc. – the organization founded by Castaneda to disseminate his teachings – in international seminars in Europe, Russia, Mexico and the United States.
Following his encounter with Robert Lee Camp in 2005, Guilhem Morera was also trained in the secret knowledge of the deck of 52 cards.

At the same time, he studied in the field of personal development and health with Howard Wills and David Elliot two healers who developed their own approach as well as Lei Ohu Ryder, a Kahuna artist from Hawaii.
Since September 2012, he is back in the south-west of France. In 2014, he created the association ANTAS: Anciennes Techniques Arts et Sciences with Howard Crowurst. He also runs workshops on cartomancy and on the shamanism of Carlos Castaneda.