Cartomancie des Anciens Mages

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There are many books on tarot and on the interpretation of major arcana, but little is known about the minor arcana and the 52-card game. Each day of the year is associated with a card and, according to our date of birth, a card corresponds to us. The maps are linked together in a specific way and move each year following a mathematical order that corresponds to the position of the planets in the sky. It will fascinate anyone who is interested in astrology, oracles, personality studies, but also anyone who has always loved the cards. THERE ARE ONLY ONE TASK OF WORKS CONCERNED WITH THIS ANCIENT FORM OF CARTOMANY, ALL IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, THE FIRST DAY OF 1893. THIS SYSTEM IS AN OUT OF INTERFACE TO ASTROLOGY. IT IS DUNE IMMENSE SIMPLICITY, EXTREMELY DIRECT (IT UTILIZES SYMBOLS) AND AMAZING DUNE PRECISION. After a degree in philosophy and an artistic career in France, Guilhem Morera reveals here a millennial knowledge giving, for the first time in French language, the keys to decipher the sacred symbols of the card game.